Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Of my lady friends who dressed up for Halloween, these were costumed thusly:

- One slutty wench
- Two slutty prostitutes (redundant, perhaps)
- One Little Red Riding Hood (... slutty)

The friend/wench exclaimed over how swiftly I had identified her dress; everyone she met, upon seeing her pink-red bodice and mini-shift, thought she was Snow White (???). Hey, what can I say. I've been to a ren faire or two in my lifetime.

Me? 1950s aviator -- leather jacket, baggy trousers tucked into boots, scarf, rabbit fur hat, and kickass goggles, real artefacts from mid-century Russia.

Slutty? Sadly, not really (not until I had a few drinks, at least).

Warm? Definitely.


[11:54] Halcyon: when little red riding hood dresses sexy, is it for the woodcutter, or the wolf?
[11:55] G.: or her grandma?
[11:55] G.: she's going to visit her, after all
[11:55] Halcyon: good point
[11:55] G.: the wolf and woodcutter are incidentals
[11:55] Halcyon: maybe they have a very close family

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J f Z
November 21, 2009   05:31 AM PST
A phlebotomist brings out the best in me.
November 16, 2009   05:13 PM PST
It's a gift

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