Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have a problem with spoonerisms.

A spoonerism is an error in speech where bits of words are transposed, most commonly the first syllable of each word in a pair. It can also be a deliberate play on words (a personal favourite of mine is "fustercluck") but my indulgence is usually by accident.

Diction has always been a weakness of mine and in the last few years, the difficulty has only become more evident. it's partly due to a lack of practise in speaking, which exacerbates the prime problem -- I tend to already be considering my next thought or sentence while I am still expressing the first.

Mostly, the mistakes embarrass me; I have the strident belief that I am the epitome of erudition and eloquence, but the evidence for that rests only inside my head. Sometimes I forget that there's a distinct disconnection between what I think in my mind and what I present to others. My trips of the tongue remind me of it.

Sometimes, they end up in another linguistic oddity -- portmonteaux. The other day, I was talking about the pleasure of elegantly shedding one's coat -- setting back the shoulders and then sliding the coat off the arms in one fluid motion. (I noted, satin-lined coats do this with the greatest satisfaction.)

Sadly, there are times when this doesn't happen so smoothly, and one is condemned, probably in more impressive company than one wants, to wriggle. In other words, to "shruggle" -- describing the action that is both a "shrug" and a "struggle."

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May 6, 2010   09:40 AM PDT

My husband is known for his creation of these "spoonerisms".

I had no idea there is actually a word for what he's been doing all of these years.

My personal favorite is that I'm going to "Shake a Tower" instead of "Take a Shower".

Life is fun.

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