Monday, December 06, 2010

To me, goalie fighting is the very height of athletic comedy, almost witty in an absurd sort of way. Two guys -- usually skinny, nimble types -- whose frames have been doubled in size with the padding they wear, whose roles are the least aggressive on the ice, whose talent lies not in power but agility ... the ones all their teammates on the ice are charged to protect, trying to fight each other. The fact they chose to fight one another other, even though they are the two players separated by the greatest distance at all times, shows that they themselves recognize this absurdity. Pure silliness.

posted at 4:21:39 pm

December 26, 2011   09:04 PM PST
nein! i would tell you, d, if i were elsewhere.
December 15, 2010   09:59 PM PST
I once saw two goalies fight. They were fighting a bear. It was awesome.
December 10, 2010   09:21 AM PST
Goalies fighting? I've never seen 2 goalies fight.

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