Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A conversation:

Me: [Hoping to boost my ego by hearing another's tales of woe, in my usual diabolical manner] "Looking forward to school?" For levity, in an even more evil plan to seem less evil: "It must keep you sane, in some ways, at least."

Him: "Yeah, actually I'm really looking forward to school.... classes are fun, and I have a cool roommate, an awesome apt... so yeah.... for the most part I'm looking forward to it." 

He also goes to school in Montreal, Québec, is good-looking, and has lots of friends and a pretty girlfriend, but he obviously knows I already know.

[Sounds of plan crashing around ears]

Me: "Cool."

posted at 2:48:08 am

August 26, 2004   03:55 PM PDT
some people always have ot be better don't they, have all the things oyu need or want. the bastards
August 25, 2004   12:39 PM PDT
Comforts. In a wicked, evil way, of course.

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