Saturday, November 06, 2004

A broadband exercise:

Why does bad art happen to good mythological figures?

Apollo and Daphne ... then Apollo and Daphne.

Pygmalion and Galatea ... then Pygmalion and Galatea.

Leda and the Swan ... then Leda and the Swan.

Nymphs and Satyr ... then Nymphs and Satyr.

And Icarus the stripper.

I might cry.

posted at 11:58:40 pm

November 10, 2004   08:48 AM PST
He's gone mad, everybody run!
November 9, 2004   05:29 PM PST
Oh lawd. Icarus looks so hot.
November 7, 2004   10:16 PM PST
:-D !
November 7, 2004   09:38 PM PST
you rock so hard it hurts.

*pained limping away from blog*

i am just letting you know now that i am stealing quotes left and right...granted, you'll be given credit...but i'm not asking for the having. rock on.

November 7, 2004   08:01 PM PST
YOu added the Icarus one! You are surely spawned by the devil.
November 7, 2004   06:47 PM PST
Seeing the icarus one amde me feel like I should ytake a long shower. I feel dirty now. bleah
November 7, 2004   10:33 AM PST
One of my favorite Greek Mythology stories is about Clytie.
Look her up.
It's amazing how mush of ourselves we can see in her.

Her passion for something she couldn't have.
How often do we all just sit in a state of want... we are in a rut so to speak, yearning for something so much that we can't move on.. it't becomes our tragedy. our dispair.

November 7, 2004   09:21 AM PST
The second half are reminiscent of velvet paintings of Elvis, or portraits of sword wielding females that you get free with the purchase of a fantasy sword.
November 7, 2004   08:49 AM PST
Thats a scarily big swan.
November 7, 2004   02:18 AM PST
It's interesting to see how much the "ideal" female body has changed. I really like the contrast between the two Leda and the Swan...s. Everyone in the older one seems to be thinking, "Uh, Leda...? Do you not notice that swan, or, uh, eh..." and then in the newer one, Leda seems to be saying, "Swan, not right now, ok?:
November 6, 2004   11:59 PM PST
Pygmalion had a realllly white butt...

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