Saturday, November 27, 2004

Art doesn't need a reason.

I present to you: Rex the Warsquid. Why does he wear a crown, you say? A crown, ladies and gents, is a symbol for kingship. Why kingship? Kingship, because "rex" is Latin for "king."

Where, then, you persist, is the "war" in "warsquid"? Well. To be completely frank, that was too difficult for me to draw. Perhaps, yes, he could've been given a sword or other implement that brings about mayhem and destruction and much wailing of innocents. But I prefer to think that Rex needs only his person for all his warring needs; he does, after all, possess ten arms, whereas the average working man has merely two.

And is it a coincidence that "Rexy" rhymes with "sexy"? I think not. But let's put aside for another day the myriad erotic possibilities that arise from being a decapod. 

"Rexy" also rhymes with "hexy", but as far as I have been told, he is primarily a warsquid and seldom concerns himself with sorcery.

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December 1, 2004   04:22 PM PST
Blast. My ruse would have worked, too, if it wasn't for you crazy kids and your squid.
November 29, 2004   06:20 PM PST
Sorry, Alyred. Rex's been a friend of mine for a long time. He's devoted to the good fight - and has been for quite a long time. Whoever you drafted, it isn't Rex.

Trust me on this.

Gloria here was just good enough to provide a graphic depiction of him, that's all; he's not available for hiring. Ever since we had to stand back-to-back (so to speak), fighting off all those evil cultists in order to save the Pope (you may have heard of this; I believe it was called "Vatican 2"), we decided to join forces in the never-ceasing defense of good.

And... I already provided the name for which the "T" stands. Even in your lateness, Alyred, you accomplish nothing! Nothing!!
November 29, 2004   03:08 PM PST
"Terrance". And I've just drafted him as leader of my undersea minions.

Even in my lateness, I've beat you to it, Sal! Bwahahaha...
November 29, 2004   12:25 PM PST
Theophilustanleyassiranikamillikanadirretakmetlindenastabulitarrakadanvinerstikaladanmnonenhuddesindareephenistentakarionejewitlukenstanz. Those of us "in the know" just abbreviate it to "the."

(Note the lack of capitalization in the middle name when abbreviated. This is not a typographical error, but rather a stylistic choice on the part of Rex, much as famed poet e.e. cummings utilized.)
November 27, 2004   04:09 PM PST
Yeah, Saladin. What does the T stand for?
November 27, 2004   03:44 PM PST
Sweet Squid did you draw him yourself?
November 27, 2004   01:53 PM PST
And what does the T stand for?
November 27, 2004   01:49 PM PST
You know way too many girls.
November 27, 2004   01:41 PM PST
Obviously he is related to Jughead by the family hat. And I happen to know a girl named Lexy.
November 27, 2004   11:40 AM PST
November 27, 2004   11:36 AM PST
You've got it all wrong, Halc. She's got a thing for Rex the Warsquid rather than tentacles specifically, and, frankly, I can't say I blame her. He's right up there with Wally the Warning Walrus in terms of being sexy.
November 27, 2004   05:05 AM PST
Gloria has a thing for tentacles, eww
November 27, 2004   02:05 AM PST
As a side note, "Rexy" also rhymes with "Texy" AND "Mexy," but, in fact, Charles Rexington Farnsworth T. Warsquid III is neither Texan nor Mexican.
November 27, 2004   01:07 AM PST
I don't know if you added the text later, but now I look like a relative dunce thanks to the power of... Hasty Comments(tm)!

Incidentally, Rex's favored weapon, despite his unmatched prowess in the unarmed combat arts, is a harpoon.

This is because people will expect to see a mariner fighting a squid with a harpoon, and who am I to disappoint these kind folk? Ergo, Rex favors the spear.
November 27, 2004   12:50 AM PST
Is it just me, or is this no less august a personage than Rex the Warsquid?

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