Friday, January 07, 2005

A small number of individuals have been expressing curiosity about my physical appearance. And I confess, I can no longer hold the fort. Your persistence has overwhelmed me.  

So, I present to you, me.

On the back: Ever the mercenary.

I'm glad Wesley is turning out better than I have thus far.

Addendum: It's a photographic extravaganza!

This I, bored silly in the wee morning hours of the Eastern Standard timezone, have found to be monstrously fun. I adore my Modigliani portrait and apart from the distortion, I think I look rather sweet in Botticelli's eyes. I shall, however, have to split the skull of my manga self -- too clearly a demon spawned from the dankest and most foul cavities of Hell -- and set its damnèd spirit alight, for only by the cleansing flame could such evil be consumed and destroyed.

posted at 10:07:41 pm

January 9, 2005   08:47 AM PST
The site is great. Thanks for the link, it provided me with endless minutes of amusement. *grins*
January 8, 2005   10:39 PM PST
Had to be soem reason
January 8, 2005   10:04 PM PST
My mommy never bought me toys, that's why I ended up so crappy.
J f Z
January 8, 2005   06:20 PM PST
Now that you're all grown up, I'm sure many guys will want to buy you some more toys. Heh.

That's priceless.
January 8, 2005   06:06 PM PST
nice to finally get an idea of what you look like :)
January 8, 2005   12:07 PM PST
The manga one of you looks very nice indeed! (Reffering to the quality of the drawing of course, not the realism, as I dont know what you really look like.)
January 8, 2005   09:38 AM PST

I got all excited!

It was fun anyhow. Good job.
January 8, 2005   09:23 AM PST
you're beautiful even with distortion!
January 8, 2005   09:10 AM PST
January 7, 2005   10:57 PM PST
Aww, cheater. Good thing I have a screen capture of your pic with the rainbow wallpaper in the background! Neener neener :p
Name sabine
January 7, 2005   10:09 PM PST
Does she still buy you toys? ;)

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