Monday, January 31, 2005

I love Sharpies. They cater to my every body decorating need, demanding neither pain nor consequence, as well as giving me my daily dosage of transdermal ink!

So, on Sunday, when I acquired eighteen at once -- in black, blue, light blue, brown, orange, green, aqua, yellow, red, purple, raspberry, and silver -- I was tickled with delight, and slightly euphoric from the chemically fragrant fumes (despite whatever I might've been warned).

With such an array at my hands, I found myself in a knotty quandry. Where others might've doodled the logo of their favourite band, the name of their current paramour, or the tried-and-true (more tried than true) naked buxom woman, I chose to adorn myself with a respected face of journalism. The BBC logo is a tad dull, so I went the homegrown way and penned the CBC's instead.

Go and do a Sharpie tat of your own; it doesn't even have to be on your own skin. Dozing relatives and pets -- after being forcibly shorn -- make excellent canvases. You know you wanna.

posted at 11:08:16 pm

February 1, 2005   07:34 PM PST
Ah, sharpies. Without them, how could I have Spider Jerusalemed my entire body?

Of course, I find it much more enjoyable to have gorgeous women draw things on me, but that's just me.
February 1, 2005   06:33 PM PST
Probably too busy humming "texas is great" to yourself.
February 1, 2005   04:17 PM PST
Wait a second, Canadian Broadcasting is respected? Did I not get some memo?
February 1, 2005   12:00 PM PST
That is one rockin logo.
February 1, 2005   11:38 AM PST
Sharpies? Where on the what now?
January 31, 2005   11:30 PM PST
They're really quite durable too, I just found my favorite green one in the dryer today (along with 10 bucks :) and it worked perfectly.

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