Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I love fairy tales. I love the Twelve Dancing Princesses, Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave, the Firebird, Boots and the Glass Mountain, Tatterhood -- but I loathe The Frog Prince.  

(Spoilers follow, for the chronically illiterate amongst you!)

When a princess loses her golden ball in a well, a frog -- obviously not an ordinary amphibian -- offers to retrieve it, in exchange for a bite of her meal, and a corner of her pillow. The princess, with absolutely no intention of fulfilling such things, agrees. Toy in hand, she predictably runs off.

When the frog comes calling at the castle, her angry father forces her to adhere to her promise. Under pressure she complies, but treats her guest with loathing. He responds with nothing but justified indignance and the greatest decorum. He eats only from the periphery of her plate, when he could have rightly gorged himself on the tastiest morsels of her meal.

When he reminds her of her promise to let him sleep in her bed, she shudders with disgust but obliges, picking him up with two fingers. Unnerved, she puts him in a dark, cold corner instead; when he protests, she becomes angry, takes him in her hand, and flings him against the wall.

When he falls on the floor, the prince is transformed back into his handsome form, with whom she instantly falls in love. Then they marry. This is a happy ending.

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February 18, 2005   07:27 PM PST
Amen Gloria.

(Sounds like I'm in Church)
February 18, 2005   04:51 PM PST
that *is* uniquely stupid.

the (presumably one of many, but i wouldn't know) movie was ridiculously funny, though.

there's something about a grown man in green leotards that will never cease to amuse me.

February 17, 2005   04:51 AM PST
I stand by my observation
Binkle (or Amanda!)
February 16, 2005   05:38 PM PST
That story has no meaning.

You said 'Eh?'!!!!!!! heh
February 16, 2005   01:24 PM PST
Lee, while your bitterness towards the integrity of my entire sex is duly noted, I think another lesson in this tale is that men make really stupid choices. Eh? Eh?

To elaborate: A good-looking man, of royal descent, wealthy, with rich political career ahead, sees fit to marry a woman who threw him against a wall. Obviously he's not all about personality either.
February 16, 2005   06:59 AM PST
Heh, I'd always thought it was "a woman's place is in the kitchen."*

*The opinion stated in this comment do not reflect the views of KwstzHdrchX, or its employees
February 16, 2005   03:53 AM PST
The moral is; women are fickle creatures, manners and niceties shall win them not, yet loooks and beauty bind them to you inseparably.
February 16, 2005   01:13 AM PST
Bad lesson to teach a kid. But you loved it? O_O
February 16, 2005   12:24 AM PST
That's the worst lesson you can teach to a little kid. "Find a frog, fling it against the wall, and it becomes a prince and you'll live happily ever after". Bah.
February 16, 2005   12:16 AM PST
I am reading a book called "Iron John" and it goes very deep into the older fairy tales.

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