Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Every year, I forget, and have to wait another 364 days (363, depending when I finally remember) for the occasion to come again. This year, fuck that! I fucking pwned it this time!


(A collaboration with Dave.)

posted at 7:22:21 pm

March 15, 2006   05:50 PM PST

Wow. It took me a year to realize it, but this drawing could easily be an illustrated allegory of Christian triumph over Roman paganism.

Imagine: if this is the kind of poetic depth I can achieve by absolute accident, I could be a fucking tornado of poetry if I really tried.
March 16, 2005   08:09 PM PST
I read that, "Et tu, Hey-sus?"
March 16, 2005   05:40 PM PST
Lmao. Easily forgiven.

With this kind of crude drawing, It could've well been green blood spurting from head wounds -- thus proving the centuries-long allegations that Caesar was in fact a Vulcan! Or one of the Pod People.
March 16, 2005   05:32 PM PST
See, and I thought the little leaf crown (I'm sure it has some official name) was asparagus shooting out from his head.

Silly me.
March 16, 2005   05:31 PM PST
Excellent. ;)
March 16, 2005   05:06 PM PST
*snort. giggle*
March 15, 2005   11:50 PM PST
I second that.
Sinister Ninja
March 15, 2005   07:25 PM PST

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