Saturday, June 11, 2005

Little Wesley and I over pizza, fries, and chicken strips in the Ontario Science Centre cafeteria:

Me: So where are you going on this school field trip? High Park?

Him: Yeah! We're going to have a picnic! And go to a petting zoo!

Me: Sweet. What else are you guys doing to do?

Him: The teacher says we can play, and run, walk--

Me: What about dancing? Everyone loves to dance. Except me.

Him: I don't think she said dancing. I don't think you can dance in the park.

Me: Of course you can. You can dance where and when you want to. Like right here. Now. Dance now.

Him: [Giggles those oh-you-so-sillay giggles] No! You dance!


Me: No.

posted at 6:05:28 pm

June 20, 2005   05:28 PM PDT
Aww, you know you wanna shake it.

Do it. Now.
Rev Jim Ignatowski
June 20, 2005   04:35 PM PDT
Ah...a trick question.
June 13, 2005   01:32 PM PDT
It could be worse. She could be TOAOD.
June 13, 2005   06:59 AM PDT
I don't think it's fair that you got an adorable little brother while my little sister is a dim-witted, annoying toad.
June 12, 2005   10:03 PM PDT
I would "of"?!
Amanda (aka Binkle)
June 12, 2005   12:33 AM PDT
You should have!! I would of (and I'm sometimes a SHY person).
June 11, 2005   11:11 PM PDT
Do it now!

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