Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Him: [Lying on the floor, yells] Wesley, I can smell you from across the room.

Wesley: Haha, no way! You're just boasting!

Him: No, I'm not. Wait. [Looks at me] What does 'boasting' mean?

Me: [Waiting for popcorn to pop] It means bragging. Wait. [I look at him] You're seventeen years old. You don't know what 'boasting' means?

Him: Well ... neither did he, really. He used it wrong.

Me: Yeah, but it can mean 'lying in a bragging manner.' I mean, you know. That doesn't totally work either, but still.

Him: [Shrugs]

Me: Jesus.

posted at 10:50:35 pm

July 4, 2005   03:32 PM PDT
Would you accept cookies made of gold mined by three Ijsbeer (intergalactice polar bears -- see http://besoksadresse.blogdrive.com). They (Svenge, Lodewijk & Boudewijn) are usually intoxicated, but have an uncanny knack for finding the purest veins.

*rubs hands, prepares the way for Wesley's purchase*
July 3, 2005   09:14 PM PDT
Sexual favours for 15 Pesos and your soul ! That's like a buck twentyfive!
July 3, 2005   02:27 PM PDT
How about the gold being mined by flying monkeys? I'm having a shortage of trained circus bears lately...
July 1, 2005   05:43 PM PDT
Cookies made out of PURE GOLD. Mined by bears.

The 300 pesos were just an arbritrary monetary amount designed to lower your defenses.
July 1, 2005   11:52 AM PDT
What *kind* of cookies?

This can be acquired. And 300 pesos? Hmm.. that's like, 3 dollars.
June 29, 2005   09:25 PM PDT
300 pesos. And a bag of cookies.
June 29, 2005   03:53 PM PDT
*likes Wesley, leans close to Gloria*
.........how much for the leetle boy? I make you a good deal, eh?...................
June 29, 2005   03:57 AM PDT
Jesus can't help you
June 29, 2005   12:18 AM PDT
*Laughs*. With you as a role model, Wesley will be able to outsmart your other brother, AND use words correctly by the time he is ten.

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