Saturday, July 16, 2005

I got it.

posted at 12:56:47 pm

July 21, 2005   05:19 AM PDT
July 20, 2005   03:57 PM PDT
Ahoy. I wanted to thank you for dropping by my site several times in the past. Having read several of your recent posts, I wanted to tell you how impressed with the apparent ease with which you express yourself, even when it is in service of an ostensibly more serious issue. Thanks again, and congrats.
July 20, 2005   12:07 PM PDT
Easy. Just go to a bar at about midnight, and say loudly, "I'm drunk!"
July 19, 2005   05:32 PM PDT
I don't got it.

Can you tell me how to get it please?
July 18, 2005   11:51 AM PDT
It's why I don't comment here... Oh, damn.
Sinister Ninja
July 17, 2005   11:01 PM PDT
I'm still not thrilled with seeing my name in pink, by the way. Somehow I feel that it may lead to me taking baths instead of showers. Ya know, with candles. And other assorted gaiety.
Sinister Ninja
July 16, 2005   11:27 PM PDT
Penicillin. It'll clear it right up.
July 16, 2005   02:03 PM PDT
I got it too! Or the other "It" which is way better anyway.

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