Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It wasn't all that funny, really.

Doctor: [Sees Wesley] Is that your son?

Me: Haha. No. That's my brother.

Doctor: But you're so old and he's so young!

Me: Haha. Charming.

Doctor: Your mother must've been a very busy woman!

Me: Haha. Yeah. Terribly.

posted at 9:05:53 pm

August 30, 2005   07:33 PM PDT
I've been mistaken for my sister Ceilidh's mother more than once, and I'm fourteen and she's nine.
August 27, 2005   07:15 PM PDT

What did he say after you slapped him?
August 26, 2005   07:43 PM PDT
I really can't believe a doctor would say that. Hope you whooped his arse Gloria.
August 25, 2005   12:41 PM PDT
I have heard of eleven year olds giving birth. So he probably didn't think you were any older than you are, he probably just thought you were a biggole ho. Either that or he was human and thus able to make misstakes, OR retarded.
August 25, 2005   12:21 PM PDT
I must look older than I am, which is depressing considering Asians tend to look younger, which is depressing which means I must be in extremely awful shape to be thought old-looking when I should be thought young-looking.

I was twelve when Wesley was born, is all I was really trying to say.
August 25, 2005   09:49 AM PDT
Imagine how bad it was for Rita, she was sixteen when I was born and we look exactly alike.

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