Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sans social companions for the day, I trampled down to BMV to score a few books. Strange people congregate in bookstores -- myself included, naturally, but my strangeness is kept inside, whereas others seem to put it on the outside. I've been delayed by a blind Lord of the Rings fanatic and a man who told me a story about a Russian clown named Popov who threw bottles at fighter planes ... You can't make these kinds of people up.

This lovely Sunday afternoon, a couple was there. Their conversation, I realized, more or less crystallized the differences between the male and female mindsets.

Her: "I think we should get this edition."

Him: "I think we should get this edition."

Both: "Why?"

Her: "Because it's nicer."

Him: "Because it's bigger."

Then she had to throw a wrench into the entire operation.

Her: "Touch my tush."

What? I thought frantically.

And he did. I quietly inched away.

People are bizarre.

posted at 8:02:30 pm

December 20, 2004   09:41 PM PST
You're just jealous she didn't ask you
July 22, 2004   01:32 AM PDT
You just like it because I wrote "tush."
July 21, 2004   10:32 PM PDT
I love it.
July 20, 2004   10:06 AM PDT
Well, on the bright side it was 'tush' and not something else even more horrific.
July 19, 2004   02:11 PM PDT
Bah, it might be wierd, but I've heard worse. :) And that's just from my upstairs neighbors.
July 18, 2004   10:15 PM PDT
poor thing. I hope your not scarred for life.
Dr. God
July 18, 2004   08:04 PM PDT

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