Saturday, September 24, 2005

Around a week ago, I made a shopping trip with my mother. Disregarding the fact the entire trip had been undertaken in order to replace jeans I no longer fitted into safely, I had become excessively distraught in deciding whether to take the size 8 -- which was comfortably loose -- or the size 6, which pinched, but made my ass look like gold.

While I danced inside the cubicle for fifteen minutes, a girl exited her changing room, and a commotion arose on the fit of her garment.

A young girl's voice piped, "It doesn't matter! They can always make it more tighter."

Before I fell over struggling out of/back into the same two pairs of jeans, I wanted to shout, "Superfluous superlative, Young Girl!"

posted at 9:01:44 pm

September 29, 2005   06:03 PM PDT
Superlatives are *never* superfluous. They're the most incredible thing ever devised anywhere by anybody ever.
September 24, 2005   09:10 PM PDT
I was in this comment box for a few minutes longer than expected, due to an ad that allows you (encourages you?) to throw a football through a swinging tire.

After completing said challenge (pop-up blocker!) I forgot what I was going to say. Probably something with alliteration.
September 24, 2005   09:03 PM PDT
I have a superstitious subscript.

Don't walk under a ladder!

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