Friday, October 14, 2005

Yesterday afternoon, feeling a mite peckish, I made my way to the nearby Wendy's, but not before making a stopover at the Bulk Barn to pick up some sweetums. Last time I had bought gummi bears, I committed the fatal error of leaving them unattended while out for school; Wesley devoured the entire untouched bag by himself, leaving me barren of squishy gelatin edibles. As I approached the colourfully alluring displays in front of the Barn, I vowed to rectify that.
I cheerfully went through the bin, employing the clumsy giant metal scoop with considerable dexterity as I gauged the colourscape before me, and plotting strategic tactics. My aim was to procure as many red (and if I had to, orange) bears and as few yellow and green bears as possible. After accomplishing a satisfactory ratio, I hefted my plastic bag onto the counter.

I rang up at precisely two dollars. I almost blurted out right there, "Bitchin'."

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November 10, 2005   01:52 PM PST
This so made me want to eat gummy bears..
October 29, 2005   07:45 PM PDT
What flavour is clear?
October 29, 2005   06:51 PM PDT
Some brands have clear gummi bears. Those are the only ones worth eating.
October 14, 2005   04:23 PM PDT
Oh man, I love the yellows. I guess that works, you can have the reds I can eat the yellows.
October 14, 2005   02:28 PM PDT
It's all about the red, orange and green bears.

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