Sunday, November 13, 2005

In an ideal world, words would be kept like miniature jewels in tiny boxes of sandalwood or silvered glass, and one would take them out for the happiest and most celebratory of occasions, dances and commemorations, and wear them in one's hair or tucked in a turquoise sash ...

posted at 4:24:23 pm

November 22, 2005   11:01 AM PST
Ah Gloria...I've missed you.

I love this entry. Beautiful, unique, quirky, a bite-sized gem for both soul and mind.

In other words, you.
November 14, 2005   06:46 PM PST
In addition, people will not use words like retards, and keep them in reserve like the precious gemstones they are.

A lot of emo, angsty teenagers would be out of luck, though.
November 13, 2005   06:24 PM PST
That is beautiful

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Glo'ri'a'na, noun:
1. An alternative form of "Gloria."
2. As "Americana" defines itself as artefacts of American culture, "Gloriana" consists of the artefacts of my culture.


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