Saturday, January 07, 2006

There are numerous things I encounter at the mall, which might elicit feelings of anything from desire to repulsion to envy to contempt (mostly the last). But whenever I see boyfriends and young husbands abandoned in chairs or on corners, all bearing similar child-like expressions of ennui, despondency, and helpless confusion, my heart melts absolutely. I want to cup their forlorn faces in my hands and radiate for them compassion and solidarity, to wrap my hands 'round theirs and cry, "Oh, gentlemen! Come home with me, and we'll spend sunny days and smouldering nights not shopping as much as your little lost hearts desire!"

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January 10, 2006   09:56 AM PST
I personally don't think that these guys suffer too much. Besides being payback for Monday night football, they'll get 'repayed" when they get home.
January 9, 2006   10:44 PM PST
Hot anal.
January 9, 2006   12:44 PM PST
Or he is holding a small stylish purse. What does "Not SHopping" entail, exactly?
January 8, 2006   10:15 PM PST
Oh, honey, I agree completely--it breaks my heart to see a young fellow so coldly abandoned outside a waiting room, and it's even worse when he's clutching four or five extra garments, because his silly girl could only take four into the room with her. Pah. Poor guy. Almost anybody could do better than that.
January 8, 2006   01:30 PM PST
Take me now!
J f Z
January 7, 2006   07:47 PM PST
I hate shopping for anything. Malls are like the equivalent criminal punishment as the death penalty to me.
January 7, 2006   04:52 PM PST
I so love reading your stuff

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