Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tuesday evening. St. Patrick's subway station. As the doors close and the train begins to pick up speed, the unmistakable buzz of the public announcement system clicks on. I wait for the usual "Next station, Osgoode. Osgoode station."

Chh. Chh. Chh.

Testing, testing, one two three, I think.

Chh-chh. Chh-chh. Chh-chh. Ch-ch-ch-ch-chchchchchch.

As the sounds gain in speed and grow closer and closer, I realize the operator is imitating the rhythm of a steam engine train's wheels pulling out from the station.

I stay on past my stop to hear if he does it again, but he's all business until I have to get off at Queen.

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March 24, 2006   08:34 PM PST
You haven't updated in a while. You should.
March 21, 2006   11:19 PM PST
At one point, I was on the bus, and in a mildly altered state of mind (which is to say: half asleep. This was in the morning) when I heard this crystal clear, disembodied, Mr. Rogers sounding voice saying "There are many reasons why the bus may not be on time. For instance, the bus could break down, and not be able to complete the route. Sometimes the driver may be late. There are many reasons why the bus may not be on time. For instance, just last week a bus driving a downtown route took two bullets! It couldn't complete the route, because there had to be an investigation! Yes, there are many reasons why the bus may not be on time."

This went on for fifteen minutes. Somewhere in there, I finally figured out that somehow this driver had scored the only microphone in the entire RTD fleet that had no static to speak of, and had this perfect, sing-song, old man, made for children's television voice.

It was only later in the week that I realized that what he was saying was, in essence, "There are many reasons why no bus I drive will be on time." My faith in life was shattered.
March 16, 2006   12:29 PM PST
Oh man, it's great when people finally break.

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