Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Urban chivalry:

I'm standing on the escalator descending towards St. Patrick station when I notice the suit of the man in front of me -- soft grey, with subtle but distinct pinstripes. He's laden with things; he carries a load of folders under one arm, and like so many businessmen in the city, hoists a hefty black laptop bag over a shoulder.

My eyes travel over his brushcut, and down the pale nape of his neck. I am entirely entranced with the way his jacket strains and slackens across his back every time he moves, when he switches his files to his other arm and pulls open the door to the subway corridor. Thinking he is continuing on, I pause in step and reach out, to catch the door for him once he's struggled through. Standard city protocol, and especially so now, seeing what the number of things he's juggling.

But he doesn't. He turns to me; I see that he wears a pair of glasses, the frames shiny like polished obsidian. His put-togetherness makes me feel a little rough at the edges. I look at him, my arm still hanging in the air, as he stands back. He's holding the door wide open. 

He prompts, "Here you go."

An unlikely knight in the most curious shining armour. 

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May 12, 2006   11:04 AM PDT
I think I want him...
May 11, 2006   04:37 PM PDT
He must have been a Sabres fan.
May 10, 2006   04:05 PM PDT
A polite man in a suit.

Indeed, what a fantastical combination.
May 10, 2006   03:38 PM PDT
A rare jewel. Most people step on me to get to the door, shove their way through, and let it slam in front of me when I'm just 2 feet back.
May 9, 2006   07:51 PM PDT
aw. I love it when that happens.
May 9, 2006   03:04 PM PDT
Ah if only you could experience the southern hospitality that I enjoy and attempt to contribute to daily.

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