Saturday, July 29, 2006

It is inevitable that when one is fixing the ties of one's halter-top, one bends one's head down and in, forcing the eyes to one's bosom. It is in this situation, fiddling with a pair of black strings against the nape of my neck, that I contemplate the low arc of my neckline.

Hugging soft, full curves, but also coyly promising shadows, It seems to me like a deep, unrepentant smile -- not brazen, but not entirely modest either. It is absolutely aware of its bodily appeal.

I enjoy it.

I take great pleasure in my body now (though its flaws are not forgotten) and take care in showing it off. This has become natural to me, yet only a short while ago, it would have been unthinkable for me to look as I do now, for any purpose, much less seduction. I would have thought it hollow and frivolous. 

Before I can catch myself, I wonder, Who could have predicted that I would one day stoop to such ... boobery?

I giggle gleefully -- because of the pun, because of the incongruous mix of intellectual wordplay and vulgar slang, because I have demonstrated that my mind had kept pace with my body -- but sombre upon the realization that no one is around to enjoy one of my rare, genuine witticisms.

posted at 4:26:23 pm

July 31, 2006   10:58 AM PDT
Ah Gloria...Gloria, Gloria, Gloria.

Yeah. What John said.

And I didn't even have to kill something to get is good once again.
J f Z
July 30, 2006   12:55 PM PDT
Now, I have regained the will to live again.
July 30, 2006   12:27 PM PDT
you made my day! thanks for sharing...
July 30, 2006   11:51 AM PDT

Good memories.
July 30, 2006   11:43 AM PDT
I knew you were coming around when you showed me that topless picture. Remember that? Lmao.
July 30, 2006   10:17 AM PDT

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