Sunday, November 19, 2006

It saddened me to find that in a Wiki article's history the word "juxtaposition" was once removed, because it had, apparently, confused an editor. He complained that it was "jibberish [sic]" and that he could not read the article "clearly" until he had changed it into "something clear." He stated that he "did not like big words" and also that he had not attended any high school English classes.

To put it another way ... "juxtaposition" had him flummoxed.

(Do you know what word I love, though? Backronym. Hallelujah!)

posted at 2:04:55 pm

January 12, 2007   05:50 AM PST
I like big words.
December 29, 2006   01:02 PM PST
the problem with media operated by the public-at-large is that the public-at-large is, largely, unfit to operate anything. not even their own bladders.

November 20, 2006   06:28 PM PST
is wiki-wiki-wikity-wack a 'backjective' describing this sort of behaviour? if not, then perhaps it should be.
J f Z
November 19, 2006   05:06 PM PST
Is that like the editor's SNAFU?

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