Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's in the word. Anniversarius, recurring yearly; annus, "year" + versus, "turned" -- and thus, an event which befalls each year. This meaning is contained in the cloth of the word itself; that is its construction, its purpose of existence, to inform you of that which is of, for, or pertaining to a year. Therefore, such fanciful concoctions as "two-month anniversary" or as "three-week anniversary" are not only charmless, but semantically absurd.

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November 7, 2007   07:20 AM PST
YOU would, J, YOU WOULD!
J f Z
November 6, 2007   06:55 PM PST
I prefer one night stand.
November 3, 2007   11:40 AM PDT
The correct term is either monthaversary or weekaversary. Technically, I suppose the a wouldn't be in there, but weekversary just doesn't sound quite right.
J f Z
November 3, 2007   01:41 AM PDT
Linguistic romance killer.
November 2, 2007   05:06 PM PDT
no, werd
November 1, 2007   09:10 PM PDT
October 31, 2007   12:01 PM PDT
Worse than that sinj, it's ghey
October 31, 2007   12:01 PM PDT
It's very etymology proclaims it
October 31, 2007   07:12 AM PDT
I love how you always teach me how lame of a life I've been living.

Thank you.

My name is Deirdre and I attend the school of Gloria.

October 31, 2007   02:39 AM PDT
And it's *gay.*
October 31, 2007   12:13 AM PDT
fuck yes. my company uses a Monthly Billing Anniversary and i feel like a total tool whenever i have to mention it.
October 30, 2007   07:58 PM PDT
It's etymology, motherfucker.

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