Wednesday, September 05, 2007

There's this dress.

It's very pretty, and made from some deliciously cool, liquid, flowing material ideal for hot summer days. The print is an oversized take on Burberry check -- warm trench, white, black, and turquoise -- enlarged until the colours become like Benday dots, and only a fraction of the pattern is seen. A clever way to modernize a classic design, while minimizing the "plaidness", not often suitable for a dress. I rather liked its graphic quality.

Shoes? Black flats, with diagonal straps. Awesome, comfortable.

I was going to wear this to work for tomorrow because it will be very hot (the weather, not me), before I realized this would be quite impossible.

Why? Because it looks too good. It looks much better than anything else I've ever worn to work -- much more stylish, much more professional. Then, when I go back to wearing the rest of my clothes, they'd only look shabbier in comparison; upon the sight of me, everyone would wistfully think of the day I showed up light, airy, modern, and pleasing to the eye.

Therefore, I can't wear my very excellent, fashionable, work-appropriate dress to work where my excellent, appropriately workish fashionability might impress a colleague or two. Then, casual Friday descends. Then, the weekend, which will be a few degrees too cool for a dress. Then, autumn. My dress!

Why must it be so difficult? 

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September 13, 2007   06:56 PM PDT
Donít wear it because black clothes absorb heat and itíll make you hot. Since you donít want to be hot. So hot people will look at you and ponder at how hot you are.
J f Z
September 10, 2007   06:49 PM PDT
Get your boyfriend to buy your intimate and casual apparel.

Then you buy the stuff for work.

Have you checked out the Toronto International Film Festival?
September 7, 2007   05:24 PM PDT
Re: Toatally

You know, I knew after I wrote that word that something was amiss but I went about my day forgetting about it until just now when I decided to re-visit this post.

It turns out that I'm so used to displaying my [current] mood by either:

a. being correct in writing Totally or
b. being silly by writing Toadally.

Apparently, on this one, my wires crossed.

September 6, 2007   06:52 PM PDT
September 6, 2007   06:09 PM PDT
See??? It's a hard-knock life.
September 6, 2007   05:25 PM PDT
Wow, this happened to me. I have this very stylish outfit that I chose to wear one day just because it made me look sophisticated.

As my boss passed me in the hall that day, he exclaimed aloud that I was looking "snazzy". It made my day wonderful!

But then, the moment came that you described. The day after-my-hotness where I had nothing else in my closet that came even close in comparison.

Since then, I've felt like a slob each day and want to recreate said hotness by re-wearing my outfit every so often but fear the duplicated letdown that would be the-day-after-the-hotness".

So, until I buy more clothes, I will not be wearing that ensemble again. *sigh*
September 6, 2007   04:59 PM PDT
Lmao. I'm *always* going to an orgy.
September 6, 2007   03:49 PM PDT
I say wear the dress. There is nothing better than wearing something you love and look good in around lots of people you know.

If anyone asks if there's a special occasion, tell them you have a date with their mom or you're going to an orgy.
September 6, 2007   09:44 AM PDT
There's a woman at work, she's not particularly attractive, too old for me, but I like her, because she actually wears skirts and drezses to work, which no one ever does, longish flowing skirts, where most people would wear shortish tight fitting ones. It's a pleasant contrast.

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