Friday, October 19, 2007

I was perusing the Wiki article for Kaavya Viswanathan, a Harvard undergrad who was discovered to have plagarized several passages for her debut novel. As I skimmed over sample robberies discussing boys, clothes, petty scrutiny of other girls' body weight -- typical chick lit -- a sudden, urgent question occurred to me. "Should it count as plagarism if the entire genre is so homogenous that it's impossible to differentiate one steaming pile of pages from another?" I decided the answer was, "No."

Opening the discussion page, I typed, "Dear Wikipedia, please wake me up when real plagarism happens, not just a couple of silly hacks grabbing at each other's face-holes."

posted at 5:17:24 pm

January 28, 2008   12:07 PM PST
Oh Suh-NAP


Hell YES

:P Take your pick.
October 21, 2007   04:18 AM PDT
Sinja is having Wikis baby
October 19, 2007   09:14 PM PDT
I want to live in the same mind as you, Gloria.
October 19, 2007   08:28 PM PDT
Wikipedia makes my belly warm and swollen.

Take that as you see fit.

Hasn't anyone said that it is a far greater literary infraction to WRITE chick-lit than to plagiarize ANYTHING?

Cuz, you know... it is.
October 19, 2007   06:00 PM PDT
Plaigarism earnt me a degree
October 19, 2007   05:28 PM PDT
Heh, not really. I want to keep feeling Wiki's earnest if factually spotty love.

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