Friday, December 07, 2007

Lately, it seems the TTC suffers ever more mechanical problems with its streetcars.

Yesterday, as the last passenger struggled off at Queen, the doors seemed to linger a moment, before suddenly slamming shut with more force than usual, causing a loud, rattling bang -- which made one man, in a large black down overcoat, to shriek "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

As he remained still -- either completely frozen by his animated outcry or completely nonchalant about it, I could not tell because I could only see his coat -- everyone in the car looked at him, and then pretended we had not.

I found this a very Toronto moment.

posted at 4:37:31 pm

December 11, 2007   10:23 PM PST
Ha ha ha! What a great laugh. I hate when I accidentally look like a pussy in public.

At least, I probably *would.*
December 9, 2007   11:52 PM PST
maybe he was the popular western manifestation of Death. inimitably patient, ageless and inscrutable. also: fearful of loud noises on public transportation and easily embarrassed.

the archetypes - they are a changing...
December 7, 2007   10:58 PM PST
Ah - I know that moment well, as an old transit hand. Nicely captured!
December 7, 2007   05:00 PM PST
Aww. Perhaps he was embarrassed that he actually verbalized his frustration. :P

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