Thursday, April 17, 2008

A dress of warm, light comfort: pale grey knit, a fine silken wool that invites appreciative fingers. An attractive gathering at the bust (that is to say, gathering attraction). Little puffed sleeves that insist on slipping off the shoulders. Textured banding along a deep neckline in the front, and a long V down the back -- like chevrons pointing to summery delights. (For if I do say so myself, it is a rather fine back.)

Upon the sight of me, the first thing a co-worker inquires is, "Did you gain weight?"

I give the fuck up.

posted at 7:06:34 pm

April 21, 2008   02:23 PM PDT
Dude. Grrrr.

My sister in law once asked me if I was pregnant. I figured it was because I had that *glow* about me everyone raves about.

Apparently, I was wrong.

I'm with you G-girl. *hug*
April 18, 2008   03:18 AM PDT
Maybe he needs to gain a fist in the face
J f Z
April 17, 2008   07:54 PM PDT
L0Lz! Aww. I mean, "People suck!"

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