Friday, May 23, 2008

"How am I going to walk home?" he was groaning. He pressed close, and kissed me, his tongue lashing mine, warm and sweet.

"Slowly and carefully," I answered after he had pulled away. His smile was happy. "Like other things you may do." I caught his earlobe gently between my teeth (though he says I sometimes bite too eagerly).

As he rested his face between my breasts, breathing low and steady, I savoured the electric feeling of power, normally denied me, in this simple seduction of an exhausted, though loving, man (his peculiar susceptibility to me notwithstanding). I felt strangely potent, almost divine. Stroking his hair, so fine and soft beneath my fingers, it seemed possible that I could rule all men. 

posted at 12:38:08 pm

May 29, 2008   04:00 PM PDT
I was under the impression that you already do.
May 27, 2008   04:05 AM PDT
And I assume take a wallet or two along the way.
May 23, 2008   04:06 PM PDT
...and in the darkness bind them?

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