Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Should I talk to my fiancÚ(e) about [this] before the wedding?"

Why is this question ever asked? It is non-rhetorical. Does anyone genuinely expect the answer to ever be anything but "YES"? Consider:

No, you should tell them after you have paid for a costly, intricate ceremony, which is  now stripped of its meaning as a celebration of unions, made hollow by your doubts.

No, you should tell them after you have both entered a legally binding contract that  requires a second lengthy, humiliatingly intimate legal process to null, after which each of you will almost certainly end up loathing the other.

No, you should tell them after the expectations of your relationship have been raised well above its broken reality by everyone you know and love.

No, you should tell them after their expectations of your relationship have been raised well above its broken reality, because after all, they are marrying you.

posted at 3:03:46 pm

June 5, 2008   01:50 PM PDT
haha...so true so true!
J f Z
June 5, 2008   12:58 AM PDT
I had some witty banter to add here, but my mind is jelly because my Detroit Red Wings just won the Stanley Cup!
June 4, 2008   07:39 PM PDT
I always liked "No, you should ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist until you are so miserable that you can't stand it any longer."
June 4, 2008   06:43 PM PDT
Save it for the deathbed, perfect time for confessions
June 3, 2008   08:15 PM PDT
I never did understand that either.
June 3, 2008   08:01 PM PDT

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