Sunday, June 15, 2008

The rewards of academia:

"So, if there's anything you ever need to know about the Uta Codex -- anything at all -- my book is the one to look to." He takes a moment to extol the beauty and clarity of its forty-odd full-colour leaves, with endearing enthusiasm. Putting down the book, he adds, his voice gaining a hint of sadness, "To my knowledge, it is currently half off at the university bookstore. My life's work ... yours for forty dollars." He sniffs.

We all go "aw" appropriately.

A student raises her hand.

She asks, "If we buy one and bring it to you, would you sign it?"

He's staring at her in wonder. His reply is in tones of the most profound gratitude:

"Of course."

His sad-puppy sales pitch almost worked. I was this close to getting a copy.

posted at 11:09:44 pm

J f Z
June 16, 2008   09:13 AM PDT
How about: "Buy my obscure book and get a hip T-shirt to flaunt your elistist tastes?" See? I should be a consultant or book agent. I could make geeky cool again.

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