Friday, July 04, 2008

I have a crush on André Marin, Ontario's sixth ombudsman. His crusade for public accountability, his indignation on behalf of the citizenry (swoon)! Since his appointment, he has revitalized the office, transforming a previously negligible presence at Queen's Park.

He describes the Ministry of Health as "a baritone mellifluous voice telling you that everything is just on track" even as "the wheels are coming off the bus"; of embarrassing school board expenditures, he cries, "Is Homer Simpson in charge?" When questioned about the C. difficile outbreak in hospitals, over which he has no jurisdiction (yet!), he replies that had he the power, he would "have been all over that one." There is something else you could be all over, M. Marin.

He even has his own elite task squad, SORT -- the Special Ombudsman Response Team. SORT!

He is the man for me. Ooh, André Marin!

posted at 1:36:30 pm

July 14, 2008   05:42 PM PDT
No you don't.

Your only crush is me.
J f Z
July 12, 2008   05:57 PM PDT
Gawd. You sound like Lisa Simpson.

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