Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nothing takes the wind out of even the wittiest, most biting critical comment as swiftly and decisively as the appension of a "lol." (Try it.)

Surely no man, no mortal creature, is more invulnerable to judgment than when he is faced with the lolling (or depending on your regional dialect, lawling) troll. It is too hard. This is, after all, someone who cannot converse without convulsing with glee -- a sign of a simpleton -- essentially unable to resist laughing at his very own words.

I find it comforting that although it is the online space that spawned and enabled them, it is what again cripples them. This is satisfaction -- that of a responsible parent who takes care to shush their own brattish children.

posted at 4:24:02 pm

August 9, 2008   01:24 AM PDT
*grabs a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and settles in to watch*
August 7, 2008   09:32 AM PDT
Fight fight fight fight fight!
August 6, 2008   04:09 PM PDT
And by the way, I just realized that you assume I am only speaking of *this* instance, when, in fact, my reference was to our everyday conversations. PUNK!
August 6, 2008   12:05 AM PDT
(the punctuation and capitalization was actually correct because it was inside parentheses not attributed to a sentence)

( :P )
August 5, 2008   07:20 AM PDT
I'm almost sure this is about you, Sinja. You don't even take the time to punctuate or capitalize your "lol"s.

How rude. At *least* punctuate!
J f Z
August 3, 2008   11:32 AM PDT
I'm just going to sit back and enjoy all the lipstick lesbian love in here.

No seriously. That's what I'm doing right now.
August 2, 2008   09:45 AM PDT
I think you'll find "Lulz" is worse, I mean, what the fuck is it supposed to mean anyway?
August 1, 2008   04:11 AM PDT
Is this about me?

August 1, 2008   01:25 AM PDT
I just want you to know that I love you (not in a lesbian way). All your posts are always wonderful.
July 31, 2008   08:47 PM PDT
i could kiss you for this entry.

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