Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh New York Times Style Section, you are so blithely ridiculous, it's nearly enviable: you publish a cheeky, whimsical article on how women may endure this economically difficult holiday season by dressing in flashy, metallic dresses with hemlines up to Here, gams v. the ghosts of gloom. The frocks all cost between three to nine hundred dollars (for those on a "budget," the article sniffs, one might try wrapping paper .. discount, if possible, one senses, or rummaged out of a dumpster). Because, surely, it is not our prodigious expenditures that have driven us to despair, but our dreary fashion choices. Because, no doubt, our debt woes can be repaired by incurring more of it even faster.

posted at 10:20:40 am

Jamie Pittsburgh
November 22, 2008   12:26 AM PST
According to Paris Hilton, any craptastic outfit can be pulled off successfully: one merely perfects a stance known as the "red carpet lean".
November 20, 2008   01:47 PM PST
Do it!
J f Z
November 20, 2008   12:15 PM PST
I should save my opened Kool-Aid packets and make some ... pants?

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