Thursday, December 11, 2008

The fuck?!

"Nearly half of all men and one-third of women have lied about what they have read to try to impress friends or potential partners, a survey suggests. The men polled said they would be most impressed by women who read news websites, Shakespeare or song lyrics. Women said men should have read Nelson Mandela's biography or Shakespeare." [BBC News]

Why on fucking earth would you want to lie that you read fucking song lyrics?

posted at 6:39:46 pm

December 13, 2008   09:05 AM PST
I only ever read the back of cereal boxes and women's problem pages
December 13, 2008   01:30 AM PST
My boyfriend (before he was my boyfriend) told me he hated a book I recommended and only got through 15 pages. He said he read the same 15 pages about 15 times because he wanted to like it but it just wasn't working out. I think, even though it's a bit depressing, his honesty was a lot more appealing than him lying about reading the whole thing and saying he loved every bit.
J f Z
December 12, 2008   06:08 PM PST
DEEDA!!!! Did you read that book I sent you from Amazon? If you did't read it, you should just lie and read it now. Heh :)
J f Z
December 12, 2008   06:06 PM PST
I'm impressed when a hot chick says she reads PDFs buried deep within government archives. Well, honestly, I'm usually just happy to be speaking with a hot chick.

She could read comics, I'd still want to tap it.
December 12, 2008   10:34 AM PST
Lying about what I've read would only make my reading list less interesting. Which is to say, it might no longer cause women's eyes to glaze over in a savage bout of "wthell."
December 12, 2008   09:04 AM PST
I have no idea. I never lie about what I've read.

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