Saturday, November 27, 2004

December 1, 2004   04:22 PM PST
Blast. My ruse would have worked, too, if it wasn't for you crazy kids and your squid.
November 29, 2004   06:20 PM PST
Sorry, Alyred. Rex's been a friend of mine for a long time. He's devoted to the good fight - and has been for quite a long time. Whoever you drafted, it isn't Rex.

Trust me on this.

Gloria here was just good enough to provide a graphic depiction of him, that's all; he's not available for hiring. Ever since we had to stand back-to-back (so to speak), fighting off all those evil cultists in order to save the Pope (you may have heard of this; I believe it was called "Vatican 2"), we decided to join forces in the never-ceasing defense of good.

And... I already provided the name for which the "T" stands. Even in your lateness, Alyred, you accomplish nothing! Nothing!!
November 29, 2004   03:08 PM PST
"Terrance". And I've just drafted him as leader of my undersea minions.

Even in my lateness, I've beat you to it, Sal! Bwahahaha...
November 29, 2004   12:25 PM PST
Theophilustanleyassiranikamillikanadirretakmetlindenastabulitarrakadanvinerstikaladanmnonenhuddesindareephenistentakarionejewitlukenstanz. Those of us "in the know" just abbreviate it to "the."

(Note the lack of capitalization in the middle name when abbreviated. This is not a typographical error, but rather a stylistic choice on the part of Rex, much as famed poet e.e. cummings utilized.)
November 27, 2004   04:09 PM PST
Yeah, Saladin. What does the T stand for?
November 27, 2004   03:44 PM PST
Sweet Squid did you draw him yourself?
November 27, 2004   01:53 PM PST
And what does the T stand for?
November 27, 2004   01:49 PM PST
You know way too many girls.
November 27, 2004   01:41 PM PST
Obviously he is related to Jughead by the family hat. And I happen to know a girl named Lexy.
November 27, 2004   11:40 AM PST
November 27, 2004   11:36 AM PST
You've got it all wrong, Halc. She's got a thing for Rex the Warsquid rather than tentacles specifically, and, frankly, I can't say I blame her. He's right up there with Wally the Warning Walrus in terms of being sexy.
November 27, 2004   05:05 AM PST
Gloria has a thing for tentacles, eww
November 27, 2004   02:05 AM PST
As a side note, "Rexy" also rhymes with "Texy" AND "Mexy," but, in fact, Charles Rexington Farnsworth T. Warsquid III is neither Texan nor Mexican.
November 27, 2004   01:07 AM PST
I don't know if you added the text later, but now I look like a relative dunce thanks to the power of... Hasty Comments(tm)!

Incidentally, Rex's favored weapon, despite his unmatched prowess in the unarmed combat arts, is a harpoon.

This is because people will expect to see a mariner fighting a squid with a harpoon, and who am I to disappoint these kind folk? Ergo, Rex favors the spear.
November 27, 2004   12:50 AM PST
Is it just me, or is this no less august a personage than Rex the Warsquid?

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