Saturday, July 10, 2004

July 11, 2004   11:34 PM PDT
I don't know why but that entry just made me laugh. I hate when I lived at home and I always wound up with my little brothers socks and my little sisters Powerpuff Girls undies mixed in with my laundry.
July 10, 2004   09:57 PM PDT
I'm sure you can find some upscale society ball to which you can rightly wear your flowery undies. And, with some luck, I will be able to attend whilst wearing a monocle. What I'd give for a monocle, let alone somewhere to wear one... I guess I'll just have to settle for a walrus wearing a tophat.
Sinister Ninja
July 10, 2004   01:46 AM PDT
I hate getting other people's underwear in my laundry. I was doing laundry about two weeks ago, and some girl put her panties in my dryer with her phone number in them. I removed said panties with a straw and threw them out.

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