Tuesday, February 15, 2005

February 18, 2005   07:27 PM PST
Amen Gloria.

(Sounds like I'm in Church)
February 18, 2005   04:51 PM PST
that *is* uniquely stupid.

the (presumably one of many, but i wouldn't know) movie was ridiculously funny, though.

there's something about a grown man in green leotards that will never cease to amuse me.

February 17, 2005   04:51 AM PST
I stand by my observation
Binkle (or Amanda!)
February 16, 2005   05:38 PM PST
That story has no meaning.

You said 'Eh?'!!!!!!! heh
February 16, 2005   01:24 PM PST
Lee, while your bitterness towards the integrity of my entire sex is duly noted, I think another lesson in this tale is that men make really stupid choices. Eh? Eh?

To elaborate: A good-looking man, of royal descent, wealthy, with rich political career ahead, sees fit to marry a woman who threw him against a wall. Obviously he's not all about personality either.
February 16, 2005   06:59 AM PST
Heh, I'd always thought it was "a woman's place is in the kitchen."*

*The opinion stated in this comment do not reflect the views of KwstzHdrchX, or its employees
February 16, 2005   03:53 AM PST
The moral is; women are fickle creatures, manners and niceties shall win them not, yet loooks and beauty bind them to you inseparably.
February 16, 2005   01:13 AM PST
Bad lesson to teach a kid. But you loved it? O_O
February 16, 2005   12:24 AM PST
That's the worst lesson you can teach to a little kid. "Find a frog, fling it against the wall, and it becomes a prince and you'll live happily ever after". Bah.
February 16, 2005   12:16 AM PST
I am reading a book called "Iron John" and it goes very deep into the older fairy tales.

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