Wednesday, July 21, 2004

July 26, 2004   03:42 PM PDT
Though bra shopping is not one of those things from which I derive some especial pleasure, I can safely say that my chances of being raped - despite not being a plain girl with a negligible chest - are almost nil, too. If there were some way to combine our respective traits without creating some kind of unholy monstrosity which would repulse even the eyes of a merciful god, we'd be able to devise and market rape repellant, or as I think it should be named, either Rape-Away or Rape-ellent.
July 24, 2004   10:12 PM PDT
I must say, you write very well. Enjoyed my visit.

I hate bra shopping. :-\
July 22, 2004   12:22 AM PDT
email me sometime at
July 22, 2004   12:21 AM PDT
Ah. For you see, my mother had no idea I was going bra-shopping. If she had known, I'm sure she would've been ecstatic, as I rarely show any genuine interest in feminine articles before her. Also, I was acting mostly as a secondary accessory -- holding bags, etc. while they pawed through the racks, and making snide remarks. Hardly a primary player.
July 22, 2004   12:09 AM PDT
I, unlike you, don't have the priviledge of going bra shopping without my mother tagging along.

She has this weird "thing" about allowing me to go shopping for underthings with friends or by myself.

Pity. I suppose she's afraid that I might by a lace thong... her worst nightmare.
July 21, 2004   03:29 PM PDT
you enjoy shopping for such ridiculus feminine torture devises? I hate the cloth and wire contraptions that giv me a red line the entire way around. It doesn't help that my mother doesn't not understand the words "Discreet", "I don't like victoria secret" and "I can go with my friends"
July 21, 2004   02:52 PM PDT
Hmm, interesting day. Sounds like you have a talent for making potentially uninteresting things turn relaxing and interesting after all. :)

I'll have to challenge my powers of evil to actually strand you more efficiently next time... Bwahaha...

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