Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 25, 2006   10:19 AM PDT
That's parents for you I suppose. They're there to drive you mad.
Remember though, "Pikachu, i choose you"
August 23, 2006   12:15 PM PDT
We'll always be our mothers' babies and they will always worry and want the best for us. Their definition of 'best,' unfortunately, rarely matches our own. It may be irritating as fuck, but it's her way of showing how much she cares about you.

J f Z
August 23, 2006   09:23 AM PDT
I think it's a common mother-daughter relationship, although the cultural issues you brought up were intriguing and insightful.

I think it may simply boil down to the fact that your mother doesn't want you to get pregnant accidently and have an unexpected child. At her age, she's probably not desiring a babysitting job.

Like when you were in grade school, brought home a stray kitten, and she was the one that ended up feeding it and emptying its litterbox.
August 23, 2006   05:05 AM PDT
definitely one of the best things you've written. elegant, thoughtful and candid. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry!

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