Friday, September 08, 2006

September 15, 2006   01:29 PM PDT
I was gunna delete it anyway, but then you went ahead and commented with style and eloquence and screwed it all up for me. Punk.
September 15, 2006   11:26 AM PDT
Oh Glow! You shouldn't have removed your comment was merely in support of it. Any chance you could reinstate it?

But I do thank you for the G-nod and link. You're rather wonderful, you know...
September 9, 2006   07:56 PM PDT
Sexuality IS and needs no explanation nor excuses.
September 8, 2006   09:12 PM PDT
Much more eloquent than my own efforts, per usual, Jude.
September 8, 2006   03:15 PM PDT
It's about relating to, appreciating and responding to beauty, to mystery...none of which are confined to one gender or another.

I'm reminded of a comment my sister made about a magnificent silverback gorilla she'd seen at a zoo. She said he was so magnificently virile, so perfectly masculine...his features, his personality...he was beautiful. Sexy. And he knew it.

Jerri is not into bestiality, but she responded to his beauty, and the uncanny intelligence, the mystery, the laughter that shone in his eyes.

To love beauty in any form is a thing to be celebrated, not hidden.

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