Tuesday, January 02, 2007

February 9, 2007   04:03 AM PST
Paragraph four is GOLDEN. You are a master.
January 9, 2007   12:31 PM PST
Lost Girls!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!
January 3, 2007   12:54 AM PST
The most impressive mustache I have ever seen was on a Cannon copier tech.

He had a bit of a paunch, and wore slightly out of style work shirts and a basic, out of style haircut. Basically just like every copier technician.

But then he had this fantastic, pencil thin, waxed, curled at the end, 30s black and white silent film villain mustache. I couldn't keep a straight face. Every time he told me he had fixed the machine, I was disappointed. I kept waiting for him to inform me that he was stealing the copier, and that he intended to tie it to the train tracks at midnight, where it would surely be crushed unless I came alone and unarmed.

I was always disappointed.
January 2, 2007   03:32 PM PST
He Killed them

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