Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 15, 2007   04:36 PM PDT
Are modern artits, those who simply smear a canvas with paint rather than making any meaningful attempt at what even a layman would consider a talented peice of work akin to those who urinate in the snow?
April 8, 2007   03:01 AM PDT
April 7, 2007   06:49 AM PDT
lol pretty funny. But very symbolic. A question. Do u put alotta time a effort into the entries u post or they just come to u like nothing?
J f Z
April 7, 2007   05:52 AM PDT
Once while skiing during a white-out near Zurich, I crashed through a safety fence and flew over a small cliff. I should have turned to follow the marked trail, but it was too late.

I went airborne with a chunk of bright orange plastic fencing trailing behind me like a doomed kite's tail. Luckily for me, I landed in a gully of powder. Floomf!

In just a few seconds I had gone from "awww shit" panic to relief, then back to some residual panic as nobody could see me, off the trail in a white-out, and I was neck-deep in snow.

Sometimes it's not that smart to vacation alone.

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