Friday, April 20, 2007

J f Z
April 21, 2007   02:21 PM PDT
Wow. That *was* very moving, G. Now I miss your grandmother, too. I'm glad you could recall this, even as scary as it was.

One of things I lament is losing memories of my own grandmother. She was matriarch born in 1908. I still have two of her sisters and the youngest brother alive. They are time capsules of history.
April 20, 2007   08:50 PM PDT
Thank you, Daveman ... although I'm sorry and appalled to hear your father was treated so poorly that way.
April 20, 2007   08:41 PM PDT
That was very moving, and sad. I never got to see my grandmother or my step grandfather when they died. When my step-grandfather died, it was about 3 months after he was buried before my father was told.

My Dad had talked to his sisters in California all that time - no one mentoned his health or his death. Talk about some hard feelings there.

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