Tuesday, June 26, 2007

July 10, 2007   09:56 AM PDT
Gloria can hug with her privates? I didn;t know she had an army
July 4, 2007   03:18 PM PDT
the art world can be unbelievably vicious...petty, jealous, unconscionable brats with paintbrushes.

in the end, it's the art that survives. cÚzanne's spirit lives on in each and every one of his paintings. i wonder how many of those envious critics are remembered today...
June 28, 2007   01:11 PM PDT
A big hug... with your privates.
June 28, 2007   02:38 AM PDT
i know exactly what you mean.
J f Z
June 27, 2007   09:01 PM PDT
I'm often misunderstood. It's probably because I get drunk and try to type, though.
June 27, 2007   04:45 PM PDT
Being human is hard enough, not to mention being a talented artist. People just come with truck loads of envies.
June 26, 2007   11:16 PM PDT
Wow, Emo.

What's an artist doing on top of a mountain, most of them aren't usualy robust enough to make it up a small hill.
J f Z
June 26, 2007   09:28 PM PDT
Gauguin was nice to CÚzanne because he was probably doing him. <evil cynical grin>

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