Tuesday, August 28, 2007

September 3, 2007   12:20 PM PDT
I did. You can watch the teaser here:


The film is going to Vancouver film fest next month.
August 30, 2007   08:52 AM PDT
Naturally I do. Are you making more films?

(God, I hope you made a film.)
August 30, 2007   02:32 AM PDT
Hi there gloria... still remember me?
August 29, 2007   04:25 PM PDT
Let's see...

My wallet :

National ID card
Son picture
Metro pass
Work pass
Credit card
Blood group card
Paris map
A nail file
A tiny swiss army knife
Three unused condoms
50 euros in bank notes (never more)
5 euros in coins (never less)

Hmm... I guess I'd only really need the first 6 items.

Good luck with your sorting, Gloria.
August 28, 2007   01:57 PM PDT
SIN> Social Insurance Number.
August 28, 2007   01:13 PM PDT
Recently, I cleaned out my wallet but now find myself stuffing crap back in it because I've stretched it out so much that what little I decided to keep falls out if I turn it the wrong way.
August 28, 2007   01:05 PM PDT
Almost makes me want to list the contents ot my wallet.
SIN card eh? ^_-
August 28, 2007   12:57 PM PDT
According to the back of the card, my last purchase there was in June 2006. I'm still seven bras away from a free purchase.
J f Z
August 28, 2007   12:54 PM PDT
"if there were such a thing as a girl card, mine would have been revoked long ago." -- Gloria

La Senza Bra Club card? Better check the expiration date. Heh.

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