Monday, May 19, 2008

May 24, 2008   03:36 PM PDT
"I do eat bacon, but only through a hole in a sheet." - Jon Stewart
J f Z
May 21, 2008   06:52 PM PDT
I remember at the beginning of the Bush clusterfuck in Iraq, I wanted to set up some way to send donated care packages to soldiers in Iraq. I did some research. The U.S. Post Office warned not to send that happy snack "Pork Rinds" to people in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Not being a big consumer of fast food, I wondered why the fuck anyone would want to eat the so-called "rind" of any animal. Then, of course, I pondered if Islamic scholars had made a decision on the permissibility of eating the rinds of the animals they may have never seen at the time ...

I've eaten me some good ostrich and I've never been to Australia.
Jeremiah Weiss
May 20, 2008   01:34 PM PDT
I eat turkey bacon. I are jew.

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