Tuesday, July 15, 2008

August 5, 2008   07:23 AM PDT
I love your stories! I can't say it enough.

And to save her some trouble, why don't YOU tell him Gloria. I mean, it's the least you can do. :P

J f Z
July 22, 2008   01:01 AM PDT
Man kisser ;)
J f Z
July 22, 2008   01:01 AM PDT
Kelpy Skank ;)
J f Z
July 22, 2008   01:00 AM PDT
Slut. ;)
July 20, 2008   07:09 PM PDT
I am not biased. "Fiance" refers to a man, so if this is, as one presumption holds, a male-female engagement, whether they are bisexual or heterosexual, it can only be the female party asking.
July 18, 2008   02:43 PM PDT
What if it is a male-female engagement where the male partner had an urge to experiment and kissed another male? You allow for the possibility that the female half may switch sides and experiment with her sexual preference, but not for the male. I suggest this is a highly biased response.

There is such a thing as a bisexual male.

Anway. I am amused at the hit. I wonder what strange phrase or word connected the question to your blog.

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