Tuesday, September 23, 2008

November 4, 2008   06:31 AM PST
I usually tip but not always and I used to be a waiter too. But when I was waiter, I worked hard to give the best service I could. I have seen fairly lazy or incompetent service too and I dont think those waiters or waitresses should be rewarded equally. Basically the tip should represent an appreciation of your work which is otherwise as close to slave labor as most other jobs.
I always hated having the tips pooled together and then divided out.. it seemed desperately unfair when I worked hard.
You know me.
October 26, 2008   04:55 PM PDT
I ALWAYS tip, depending on the serivce I tip from 15 to 25%. Sometimes I just double however much the tax is and add that as a tip, which in my state works out to 16%.
October 9, 2008   11:06 AM PDT
I love leaving high tips. I'm always the one fighing with the people I've dined with because they want to break it down by percentage and I just want to give what I think will make the server's day.

Even if the service was less than great, I still love putting a smile on someone's face -- you just never know what weight they may be carrying.

The other day, I ordered a pizza. I tipped the guy $10 on the $20 order and he almost fell down. He kept asking me if I was *sure* I wanted to tip so much.

It saddened me that someone would get that excited about $10. TEN. Sigh.

What that tells me is that ... people suck.

Eat less, tip more.
It's fun.
October 2, 2008   03:22 AM PDT
I don't always tip, but that's cos everyone gets teh same mimimum wage here, allowing me to save my tips for those who desere it; the people who serve me well, or have big boobs.
September 26, 2008   03:08 PM PDT
The thing that always bugs me is people's unwillingness to tip for taking up someone's table for hours. It seems basic to me. Sure, you only ordered a coffee, but then you sat at this poor waiter's table for three hours.

You owe him more than a dollar, you asshole. He could have had real customers at your table.

Plus, that makes the watiers your friends. Then they don't care if you take up their table.
J f Z
September 23, 2008   08:16 PM PDT
I absolutely agree with everything you've written here. It's one of my pet peeves.

My grandmother owned a restaurant. My mother worked in restaurants at times. I've worked in restaurants, too. When I go to a restaurant, something amazingly bad has to happen for me not to tip at least 15%. Heck, if I'm in a good mood, I even tip "the sandwich artist" at Subways.

Another pet peeve is someone who can't do simple math to leave a decent tip. If you can't knock off a zero and add half of that again to get to 15% of the bill in your head, someone should walk home with you so you don't get lost on your own.

I don't eat out very often these days. So, when I do, I'm very happy and I tip more than 15% ... 20-25%. Sometimes the people I'm with think this is crazy. But guess what? Even if I don't see that waitperson for several months, they remember me and I'm absolutely going to get great service again.

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