Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 29, 2008   03:01 PM PDT
Mostly i think, shit.
Once, I thought, I wish I could always look that good.
J f Z
October 29, 2008   07:59 AM PDT
"surpisingly okay" is a phrase I often use on the food I prepare for myself to eat.

I like the photo of you in the FLW house, with the Cylon Alarm Klaxon attached to the brick. I recently took the time to watch all the original BSG episodes on NBC Rewind in a two-day watchathon. There were a few episodes that were surpisingly okay.
October 29, 2008   07:14 AM PDT
I'm getting better at being appreciative of what I've got to offer.

Maybe the older we get, the more we become thankful that things aren't worse, yet. ;)

You're lovely. Inside and out.
October 29, 2008   06:11 AM PDT
Mine is all too often: "not as i assumed".

Which goes triply so for my voice.

I'm words on a black background or nothing.

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